What Foundations Give Grants To Students?

Many foundations and organizations provide grants and scholarships to support students in pursuing their education. These grants can vary in terms of eligibility criteria, funding amounts, and application processes. Here are some well-known foundations and organizations that offer grants and scholarships to students:

  1. **Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:** This foundation supports various educational initiatives, including scholarships for low-income and minority students through the Gates Millennium Scholars program.
  1. **Ford Foundation:** The Ford Foundation offers scholarships and grants to support underrepresented minority students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, in achieving their educational goals.
  1. **Jack Kent Cooke Foundation:** The Cooke Foundation provides scholarships and grants to exceptional students with financial need, helping them attend top colleges and universities.
  1. **The Coca-Cola Foundation:** Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation offers scholarships to high-achieving high school seniors who demonstrate leadership, service, and community involvement.
  1. **Ron Brown Scholar Program:** This program provides scholarships to academically talented African American high school seniors who demonstrate leadership potential and a commitment to community service.
  1. **The Hispanic Scholarship Fund:** This fund offers scholarships and grants to Hispanic students, including DACA-eligible students, to support their educational aspirations.
  1. **Thurgood Marshall College Fund:** This organization provides scholarships, programmatic support, and resources to students attending publicly-supported Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).
  1. **American Indian College Fund:** The American Indian College Fund offers scholarships and grants to American Indian and Alaska Native students to help them access higher education.
  1. **Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund:** This organization provides scholarships and support to Asian and Pacific Islander American students pursuing higher education.
  1. **United Negro College Fund (UNCF):** UNCF offers various scholarships, grants, and internships to support African American students attending UNCF member institutions.
  1. **Fastweb:** While not a foundation, Fastweb is an online scholarship search platform that connects students with scholarship opportunities based on their individual profiles.
  1. **Scholarship.com:** Similar to Fastweb, Scholarship.com is an online scholarship search engine that helps students find scholarships and grants that match their qualifications.
  1. **Community Foundations:** Many local community foundations offer scholarships and grants to students from their respective regions. These can vary widely in terms of eligibility and funding amounts.
  1. **Professional and Industry Organizations:** Various professional and industry organizations offer scholarships to students pursuing degrees related to their field. For example, the National Society of Professional Engineers offers scholarships to engineering students.
  1. **Colleges and Universities:** Many colleges and universities provide scholarships and grants to incoming and current students. These awards can be based on academic achievement, financial need, or other factors.

It’s essential for students to research and apply for scholarships and grants that align with their backgrounds, interests, and educational goals. Additionally, students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine their eligibility for federal financial aid programs, including grants. Check out www.thegrantportal.com for grant sources

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